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Dear Friend and Fundraiser,

My name is Sean Triner and I’m co-founder of Moceanic – we bring you specialist fundraising education from some of the best brains in the fundraising world.

If you’re constantly struggling to reach your fundraising targets or are not having the success in your nonprofit career you deserve then this is going to be the most interesting thing you’ve read all year.

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In the next few minutes I’ll show you a quick and easy way you can get one-to-one coaching to boost your fundraising efforts – for FREE.

These coaching sessions are valued at US$347.00 – however, you can get yours FREE for a limited time.

Sound good?

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The Simple Way Fundraisers All Over the World Have Blown Past Their Fundraising Targets and Helped More Beneficiaries Than Ever Before!

Jeff Brooks and I have helped charity workers all over the world to FINALLY break through their fundraising plateaus and help more beneficiaries.

They were frustrated and hopeless because it seemed like they would never be able to reach their fundraising goals.

But now – with our help – they smashed through their fundraising targets easier than they ever dreamed. They have more confidence from their new skills and knowledge. They’re free to try the ideas they KNOW will work. They’ve raised more money for their cause than they ever thought they could.

And it can be the same for YOU!


And Learn How You Can Supercharge Your Fundraising Efforts! (Valued at US$347)

Discover the Essential Tools and Techniques You Need To Get Your Ideas Approved By Your Boss!

Does your boss tell you NO all the time?

Even when you ask for simple things like trying new ideas, using long letters instead of short ones, or increasing your budget?

If you’re like most of my clients your boss denies almost ALL your requests. Don’t despair though – we can teach you all our methods and strategies so you easily get ideas past your superiors.

You’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it and what you need to back it up so you get the freedom you deserve!

The Moceanic Promise

We make a very clear and simple promise to you here at Moceanic…

We will help smart fundraisers raise EVEN more money.

You’ll be more knowledgeable, more confident, more practical, and more attuned to the changing world we work in.

We designed our Coaching+ program from start to finish with this promise in mind…and we PACKED the value in so we can achieve it.


Here’s Just A Taste Of What We Can Help You To Discover…

The Simple Way to Help More Beneficiaries Than Ever Before

You can raise more money to help those in need when you have the knowledge to create powerful fundraising campaigns at will!

Create Effective Fundraising Communications Which WORK

You can FINALLY stop leaving donor money on the table and smash through your fundraising targets quickly and easily

3 Ways to Raise More Funds WITHOUT Increasing Budget

Create a fundraising avalanche for your charity or nonprofit without needing to ask for more budget from your demanding boss!

The Straightforward Method to Advance Your Nonprofit Career

Our Coaching+ clients often advance their fundraising career faster than they ever dreamed due to our high level training

The Secrets to Boost Revenue Even For Difficult Causes

Work in a sector which is near impossible to raise money for? No problem! Our proven methods can help almost anyone, anywhere!

How to Improve Your Fundraising WITHOUT Risking a Cent*

Put your mind at ease because when you invest in Moceanic training you’re always covered by our 100% money back guarantee!

6 Ways to Quickly & Easily Grow Your Team & Achieve More

You can expand the fundraising department at your charity and supercharge your organisation once you know these vital skills!

The Crucial High-Return Areas Which Have HUGE Payoffs

Our expert guidance means you never waste your precious time. We show you where to focus all your efforts for maximum net revenue!

Why New Donors Aren’t The Only Way to Reverse a Declining Database

You can bring in HUGE chunks of money from the diamonds in your own backyard so you won’t need to go and find new ones!

*Our Instant Value GUARANTEE – Or Your Money Back!

In the extremely unlikely event you can’t see the value in Jeff’s and my program, or feel the program just isn’t for you, simply let us know within seven days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you invested in Moceanic Coaching+ – hassle free, no questions asked.

Well, you will get your refund but I might ask SOME questions…

Jeff and I are committed to constantly improving so we might ask you how we could have done better.

Fair enough, right?

Make one of the smartest decisions of your fundraising career and claim your FREE coaching session now…


Hands-On Instruction and Education from TRUE Fundraising Masters

When you invest in Coaching+ you get one-on-one mentoring from some of the world’s best fundraising minds.

I helped raise over $1BILLION for our nonprofit clients at my old companies Pareto Fundraising and Pareto Phone using the little-known methods and strategies I teach you in the training. And both Jeff Brooks and myself are international speakers, authors and bloggers.

You can use our 50+ years of industry knowledge, working with tiny operations and mega-charities to fast-track success. You’ll shortcut the process and become an expert in your own right – and help your cause bring in more money than you ever dreamed possible!

Stop Throwing Your Budget Down the Drain and Invest It In Yourself Instead!

When you invest in our Coaching+ program, you invest in the most important fundraising tool you have – your own knowledge.

With Coaching+ YOU become the expert. You will master the concept, strategy and tactics of the project at hand. And you will have new found confidence knowing it WILL work, so you don’t waste any time or money.

Once the coaching is finished, you not only have top-quality work on your hands, you now have these skills for life to apply to your fundraising FOREVER.

See For Yourself How The Heart Foundation Raised 3x Their Appeal Income Using These Priceless Strategies

This was the Heart Foundation’s first direct mail appeal with my old company Pareto Fundraising, and it is one of the most influential fundraising campaigns in Australian fundraising history.

It quite literally changed the way hundreds of charities conducted direct mail and proved many tactics.

The Heart Foundation took the plunge and went with ALL of the tactics and strategies I recommended. The exact strategies I can teach YOU.

The end result?

  • 282% increase on revenue VS the previous year
  • Response rate of 28.60% (124% of target)
  • Increased income from ~$365,000 (same appeal previous year) to over $1,030,000!
  • With an increase in spend from $60k to $200k
  • Return on investment 5.28

And we can help you to achieve results like this! Simply hit the link below.


Hear from Some of the Superhero Fundraisers Who Brought in THOUSANDS in Extra Donations Thanks to Moceanic…

“From just twenty-five minutes coaching with Sean I now have the bones of a new direct mail strategy for 2018 that I can begin planning.

It will allow us to spend our direct mail budget wiser and free up time to focus on new areas and diversify our income. And loads of ideas around how to segment and target better came out of the conversation, plus some wise advice about not waiting around for databases and systems to work perfectly for you.

With limited resources sometimes you need to improvise to make sure the work gets done and still gets done right.

Our coaching session was extraordinarily valuable and what I took from it will form a key part of how we get our direct mail working better for us.”

Niamh FerrisFundraising & Communications Manager CBM

“I can’t wait to do more coaching with Jeff!!!!

My world has changed since I started my training with Moceanic.

The sessions are so jam-packed with amazing value.

They've given such great advice (even to the point of how to word the exact sentence) on how to talk to skeptics about direct-mail...

I thought I was doing pretty well after taking a few courses and reading books, but after training with Jeff everything changed.

And when I put my refreshed and much grown knowledge into practice…. The result was the best appeal I've ever written which raised around $100K in a month from an audience of 9K people.

I highly recommend coaching with Moceanic! You'll never regret it!”

Alena PlavsicAid Foundation, Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

“Last year, we took the Moceanic's donor survey and mid-level donor trainings to the next level, by choosing Coaching+ with Jeff Brooks.

Without a doubt, it's been the best money we ever spent.

The new donor survey helped identify 16 legacy gifts, as well as several new major gift donors. And with a refocused effort on mid-level supporters, we'll be adding staff to focus on this vital group.

For our organization as a whole, it has made us better fundraisers, focused on the bigger picture.”

Jim G. SmithAnnual Giving Officer, CARTI Foundation

“I was concerned that Sean was going to produce results, because that is the bottom line for how I am measured. Sean Triner of Moceanic has been a crack trainer! He is enthusiastic, witty, and most of all backed by the maths!

Results come from applying his methods. Our Direct Mail campaigns have increased in revenue by over 20% and our survey received 500 responses in the first week of the online version, over 10 times what we projected. This included several Bequest leads that we are super excited about!

Thanks Sean and your team for your data driven approach that also includes real loving care of the donors!”

Phillip G. PolleyDirector of Development for ADRA International

Personalised Training Tailored to YOUR Situation for Maximum Results

You won’t get a one-size-fits-all approach from Jeff and I because bland, generic training simply isn’t as effective.

We’ll discuss where you are, your frustrations and your aspirations before we outline a complete program for you. This way you get all the answers you’re looking for and we can help you reach the goals you so deeply want to achieve.

And what’s even better…

We can discuss possibilities for you which you didn’t even KNOW about before. Imagine having a mentor who’s walked in your shoes before: I’ve worked inside charities from the lowest fundraising job to the highest – and then I set up my own agency!


You Create Your Own Fundraising Materials So You’re Ready to Go By the End of the Training!

Are you disappointed with the performance of your current fundraising programs?

Or wish you could bring in major gifts and HUGE legacy donations like the top nonprofits do?

Well don’t you worry because we’ll show you how to make your current programs work harder and implement the high-level techniques the right way in your nonprofit. And the added bonus is, you’re not just learning the theory of HOW to do this stuff…

You’re actually CREATING the pieces of your fundraising program as you learn it, so you can launch it and start bringing in more donations straight away! Even if you use external suppliers we’ll help every step of the way: from hiring, briefing and more.

Here's How It Works

Claim Your FREE Coaching Session

We’ll reveal the strategies we’ve used to raise MILLIONS around the world for all kinds of nonprofits, and develop your ‘fundraising framework’ so you walk away with an action plan!

Decide To Move Forward

You make the decision to take us on as your mentors and begin your transformation into a fundraising superhero!

Begin Your Bespoke Coaching Program

You begin to learn all our methods and techniques to maximising the lifetime value of your donors and dramatically increase fundraising revenue.

You Become an Expert in Your Own Right

When you finish our Coaching+ program you will be an even better fundraising expert. You’ll have the knowledge to create powerful fundraising campaigns whenever you like, for whoever you like!

Claim Your FREE 30-Minute Fundraising Framework Session (Valued at US$347.00)

The average donor acquisition costs more than $100, $200, or even $500– so the most important skill of ANY nonprofit is increasing the lifetime value of their donors.

In this FREE 30-minute coaching session, myself (Sean) or one of our other highly successful fundraising coaches will walk you through…

The little-known strategies to smash your targets and leave nothing on the table. These secret methods are what I used to help raise over $1BILLION for my nonprofit clients at my old companies Pareto Fundraising and Pareto Phone

How to find the hidden donations left sitting in your donor pool. Uncover the potential and maximise the lifetime value of your list of caring donors so you don’t waste precious resources

The knowledge you need to crunch the numbers with your boss and convince them for more budget. Your boss will give you the green light much easier when you know exactly what you need to show them

PLUS, we reveal how YOU could use these strategies to raise more money for YOUR charity or nonprofit, just like we did. By the end of your coaching session you’ll have a bespoke fundraising framework tailored to your needs which you can implement right away.

Click the link below, answer a few questions and book in a time for your FREE coaching session.

You MUST be quick though!

We don’t have a lot of time to do these FREE coaching sessions and spots always book out fast.

So to avoid disappointment, go ahead and join the hundreds of smart fundraisers increasing their skills today.

To your fundraising success,

Sean Triner
Co-Founder at Moceanic

Claim Your FREE 30-Minute Fundraising Framework Session (Valued at US$347.00)